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MPC Call Center
"All of MPC's call center staff is trained extensively before they can begin to handle telephone calls for any account."

Our Call Center Staff

All of MPC's call center staff is trained extensively before they begin to handle telephone calls for any account. Training includes extensive computer training on our systems, training on how to pick up phone calls and respond to the callers needs, as well as individualized training per each account our operators or staff manage.

When any staff is hired, they are required to sign confidentiality agreements to ensure that your confidential business information remains confidential. This is a very important part about running a call center that many others overlook. By signing confidentiality agreements, our call center truly becomes your call center and an extension of your business.

Our operators are trained enough to be able to handle any genre of phone call your business generates. And, to ensure our operators are doing exactly what you require, all phone calls are monitored. This helps us identify any problem areas as well as train our employees how to handle your account specifically and how to handle our call center customers in general. Customer satisfaction is the most important marker of the success of our campaigns.

As a customer of MPC, we have specific operators to answer your calls ensuring that a small group of operators can learn more and more about your business to better manage any type of circumstance that may arise. With MPC, you will know the names of your team members within our call center. This comfort level of our customers to our employees means the communication lines are always open. If there are any changes or protocols we need to adapt, changes are easy to implement because only a small team needs to be retrained, versus random call center operators following new screen instructions.

Our training and certification processes coupled with hiring talented individuals for our staff positions ensures that you are getting a call center team you can rely on.