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MPC Call Center
"Rather than focus on volume of accounts, our call center focuses on giving each account the individual care it deserves."

The History of MPC Call Centers

MPC Call Centers was founded in New York, NY with a simple approach to running a successful call center: rather than focus on volume, we focus on giving each account the individual care it deserves. With this simple business model, we have grown our call center gradually over the past 50 years through repeat business and lasting customer relationships. Throughout our history, we have established our position in the industry as a superior provider or call center services to all types of business.

Our growth from a small 10 seat call center to the large 20,000 sq feet call center facility we currently inhabit is a direct result of our history of putting our customers' needs first. We could never have imagined our company today compared to our humble beginnings. Throughout the years, we have been busy expanding our technologies and capabilities to meet the growing needs of our customers. We never stay complacent and are always trying to keep ahead of the technological curve and anticipate the future needs of all of our clients from many various industries.

Since our beginnings, MPC has always been a leader in call center enhancements including being one of the first call centers to readily upgrade its technological infrastructure, no matter what the cost. We have always sought to hire the most reliable and talented employees to drive our company to its position as a leader. As new technology arose, MPC was an early adopter testing new software and hardware to ensure its reliability and our customer's future needs for such a product.

Even today, we continue to retain our old values of putting customers first and offering them the latest and greatest services and continue to add services to our palette including IVR services, speech recognition programs, automated telemarketing services, text to speech services, and more. We continue to anticipate our customer's future needs and make early adoptions to keep our current customer base satisfied while expanding our business through reliability and a great depth of service.

Our success as a call center is no accident. We have continued to develop our business model over the years to ensure the highest customer satisfaction possible. We have developed our business into a complete business process outsourcing service with services ranging from fulfillment to customer care to receivables management services. And, though our capabilities and service list continue to grow, we are still centered on our original ideals - the call center should put its customers first.