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"Outsourcing your contact center needs to a reliable contact center provider saves your business time and money."

Contact Center Outsourcing Services

Contact center outsourcing services allow businesses to provide customer service and close sales without the overhead of running an in house contact center. Without maintaining your current customer base while adding to it through new customer acquisition, your business will eventually fail. This is true for every business in every industry. As new companies arise in your industry and your area becomes more saturated, you need an edge to keep customers happy and to close sales. If you are unable to manage your own in house contact center, you should think about outsourcing.

Outsourcing to MPC allows your company to focus on your business. Many times, customer care and managing your telephones 24 hours a day take a staff outside of your current office personnel. Larger companies have the resources to be able to hire an auxiliary staff and pay for expensive contact center equipment and software to run a successful contact center. If you are not a billion dollar multi national corporation, we can help you grow your business by maintaining your customers while helping you grow your customer base through 24 hour responsiveness.

A concern customers have before they outsource is how can another company understand enough about what I do to adequately answer my calls and provide the proper level of service as we would. At MPC, every contact center account is customized to fit your business model. Before any new outsourcing service is setup, we take the time to review your needs, expectations, and your business to accurately provide the best service possible. Our goal, as is the goal of any reliable outsourcing service, is to mimic the service you would provide in your office. And, you can have peace of mind knowing that our operators are always trained in customer service to be the best representatives of your company we can be. When your customers call your business and get routed to our call center, at that moment, our operators will be your operators. We will be representing your company, know your products, know your services, and understand that your brand needs to be kept strong in order for your business to grow and for you to continue using our outsourcing service.

We offer comprehensive contact center outsourcing services meaning we are able to manage your needs through our contact center. This includes inbound services, customer service, customer care & retention, order taking, toll free services, up selling, cross selling, lead capture services, conference & seminar registration, fulfillment services, lead generation, customer follow up, customer acquisition, IVR, email response services, direct response, help desk, live web chat, click to talk web site buttons and services, telesales, telemarketing, emergency response, and more. And, we are able to answer and manage your calls in any number of languages including bilingual (English to Spanish) and French. Our services are robust enough to meet your needs and scalable enough to handle the needs of the largest clients and the smallest clients.

Any contact center is only as good as its office staff. When you outsource to our contact center, you can feel confident that we are giving you access to the industries most highly trained contact center staff using the most advanced contact center software in the industry. We understand what it takes to run a successful business and the center of our business is the success of your business. Our operators are trained to understand and respond to your needs and act as if they were your own employees. Because we hire and retain educated operators, they are able to adapt to your companies needs quickly. With MPC, you are not just another customer, your business means something to us. Our operators take pride that they are able to understand your business quickly and accurately represent you.

For years, MPC has provided contact center outsourcing services to businesses in every industry in the country. We have provided the most customized solutions to business with proven results. Because of our adaptable service, the caliber of operators we hire, and the extensive list of services, we can manage your needs effectively. Contact us today to discuss your contact center outsourcing needs.