What to Wear to a Conference, Women’s Edition!


“What do I wear to a conference?” is a commonly asked question among female professionals. Innumerable considerations, from materials and colors to comfort and style, must be contemplated.

Below are four examples of outfits that would be appropriate to wear to a conference and events during a conference weekend, such as lectures, group discussions, networking meetings, dinner and drinks.

You will notice the selections included are all great pieces for mixing and matching, if need be. This is also useful when it comes to unpredictable changes in the weather.


What to Wear to a Conference

Day 1

For registration and opening ceremonies, you will want to look and feel your best. A pencil skirt paired with modest heels is always a great option to feel confident and ready to network. Throw on a cream blouse or light overcoat to complete the look.

This outfit immediately conveys to your peers that you are professional and confident. Also, if the atmosphere becomes a little more casual for drinks, the blazer can easily be taken off!

what to wear to a conference skirt

Day 2

For a full-day of conference and surrounding activities, a classic, conservative black dress is always the best.

Paired with a cream blazer, black shoes, and gold stud earrings, this outfit will stay sharp and comfortable, even after a full day of activities. 
what to wear to a conference dress

Day 3

For the last day of the conference, you can opt for a more creative outfit, as you have already established your professionalism and personality.

An all-white ensemble with a “pop-of-color” blazer will keep your look modern. If you will be traveling in a car or plane after the conference, this ensemble won’t call for an outfit change. 

what to wear to a conference pants

Fear the white? Option two portrays yet another sophisticated and classy skirt look. Tan and black make for an excellent color combination and certainly make for easy pairing when it comes to accessories and jewelry.



The decision of what to wear to a conference is never easy. It is a decision that requires balancing comfort with both confidence and professionalism. 

So, the next time you ask yourself – “what do I wear to a conference?” try recreating one of these fail proof outfit ideas. Planning out your conference ensemble ahead of time will not only save you time on the day of the conference, but will allow you to better focus during the event itself.

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