What to Pack for a Business Trip


Every business trip has a different end goal, but starts with the same step — packing. Whether done days in advance or mere minutes before departure, packing can be overwhelming. And while number of outfits or type of bag (carry-on or checked?) may depend on the trip, these items are a must.

Here’s our list of what to pack for a business trip.

– Suit jackets and pants
– Dresses, skirts and/or cardigans
– Dress shirts and blouses
– Gym clothes
– Pajamas
– Travel outfit
– Undershirts and essentials


– Dress socks, socks, pantyhoes and/or tights
– Work shoes
– Gym sneakers
– Watch and jewelry
– Belts and ties

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Business Items
– Work laptop, case and charger
– Business cards
– Briefcase
– Flash drive
– Notepad and pens or iPad and accessories
– Any items needed for a presentation and/or booth


Personal Items
– Phone and charger
– Wallet (with cash in local currency)
– Glasses/contacts
– Hair products
– Medicine
– Headphones
– Toiletry bag (razor, toothbrush, etc)


Travel Documents
– ID, passport or visa
– Transportation tickets (whether printed or downloaded)
– Rental car, shuttle and hotel information


Optional Items
– International adapter
– Umbrella/sunglasses
– Nail polish and remover
– Shoe polish
– Mints
– Hand sanitizer/lotion
– Tide to go
– Tissues

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After two business trips, you should have perfected your packing list. In this case, create a packing list on a Google Doc. This way, even in a rush, you will have a quick, personalized reference sheet. Plus, using a list makes packing up and leaving the hotel a lot easier, too. Safe travels, and we look forward to when your business trip brings you to OFFSITE!