6 Essential Topics To Discuss at Staff Meetings


Looking to change things up at your next staff meeting? Take advantage of this exclusive meeting time by talking about the topics that matter most to the company.

Below you will find 6 essential topics to discuss at staff meetings.

topics to discuss at staff meetings

Core Values

In case it has been awhile, revisit your company’s core values. Are there any values that should be added or elaborated upon?
The values of your company are the core foundation of what you and your employees stand for. Which value is first and foremost in the eyes of your employees?

What values represent you and your staff? Discuss these values so that everyone remains on the same page in their day-to-day work.

Current and Future Goals

Kick off this topic by highlighting any past goals that have since been reached. Goals are one of the most important topics to discuss at staff meetings, it means that you are thinking about ways to succeed in the future.

There is no goal that is too big or too small to accomplish. As a group, you can brainstorm short-term goals, as well as long-term goals. Set deadlines for accomplishing these items as a form of motivation. Hint hint: this may also speed up productivity.

Strategy & Initiatives

No goal can be accomplished without an excellent strategy behind it. What steps are you taking to reach the company goals? What kind of obstacles might the team face and how will the group as a whole overcome them?

Maintaining effective strategies is a crucial component to any workplace, a good strategy can turn thoughts and ideas into actions and actions into results. Be sure to give each team member the floor during this discussion so that all ideas are heard and considered.

From here, the meeting topic should shift into two or three of the most important initiatives that your company taking to achieve its goals. Monitor the progress that each staff member is making. These initiatives can make or break collaborative goals, so give them as much time and attention necessary to be successful.


As a group, share what you’ve accomplished and discuss the successes or failures you encountered along the way. For example, sales versus targets, the number of new customers signed, competitive wins and losses, cash flow, the number of employees, or the status of new products under development. Cover it all!

Praise & Recognition

Highlight the people who truly went the extra mile since the last staff meeting. If applicable, announce those team members as employees of the month! This indicates to all team members that hard work does not go unnoticed. This public display of appreciation is crucial in keeping a strong company culture and reaffirms the values each employee stands by.


Finish the meeting by simply asking employees, “how are things going?” Could things be better? See what suggestions they might have. Do they wish anything could have been handled differently since the last staff meeting?
There is no need to wait for annual reviews or other corporate milestones to check in with the group. Allow your employees to feel that this is safe space to give feedback. Keep negative feedback constructive and keep the conversation both professional and productive.

Close the meeting by mentioning any relevant company news or updates, such as new hires, holiday schedules, and upcoming events.

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