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What to Pack for a Business Trip

Every business trip has a different end goal, but starts with the same step — packing. Whether done days in advance or mere minutes before departure, packing can be overwhelming. And while number of outfits or type of bag (carry-on or checked?) may depend on the trip, these items are a must. Here’s our list of …Read More


International Business Manners for First Impressions

Most people were drilled on proper manners and etiquette since an early age. These lessons start at home, then move to school, and finally transition to the workplace. But once you leave your home country for international travel, manners may become more complicated. You will be surprised that acceptable things at home don’t necessarily apply …Read More


7 Swag Bags Ideas That Your Attendees Will Love

One of the most important parts of planning an event is remembering to incorporate event giveaways. Not only do event giveaways provide great memorabilia and representative of the event itself, but also act as a courtesy in the minds of your guests. One of today’s most popular event give away items are swag bags, but …Read More


Event Space Site Visit Checklist

There is so much to account for when planning an event: the guests, food, activities, and the site itself.  All of these factors play a large role in ensuring that the event is productive, enjoyable, and a positive experience for all involved. However, in the midst of fulfilling all of the necessary requirements for a …Read More


A Lesson in Corporate Event Planning

Event can be defined as: “something that happens, or is regarded as happening, an occurrence, especially one of some importance.” Fair enough, but when and where does all the magic happen? People wonder how professional event planners, who never miss the smallest of details, do it. Yes, there is actually brilliant artist behind the curtain …Read More