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Corporate Event Invitation: Details to Include

When it comes to creating a corporate event invitation, there are a range of details that should always be included. Guests need to know where to be and when, but that’s just the beginning. Before we get down to the nitty gritty and explain how to create more informative invitations, we thought we would start with the basics. …Read More


The Best Snacks for Meetings

A crucial part of keeping an office up and running is happy, healthy employees. One of the ways to foster this environment is by keeping the office well-stocked with snacks for meetings and some easy foods to grab on-the-go. Well-fed employees are more productive and communicative. Take a look at these easy and accommodating snacks …Read More


Corporate Icebreakers to Try

Attending an important corporate event or meeting is no easy task. There is often a variety of mixed feelings and nerves involved. Luckily for us, there are solutions to combat the stress and tension that may accompany attending a corporate event. Those solutions are called ice breakers, in this case corporate ice breakers. Don’t run, …Read More


Corporate Event Music List

A music list can make or break any party, including corporate parties. Corporate event music needs to appeal to everyone from every department. Picking songs that people can recognize can ease the mood and help people loosen up. To make picking music a little bit easier, here are a few fail-proof corporate event music suggestions:   Radio …Read More


Meeting Checklist for Motivating Staff

A meeting checklist can help organize, strategize and implement your next corporate gathering. While it’s easy to fall into a habit when planning a meeting, a meeting checklist specific to a end goal will not only shake up routines, but shake up results. Before planning your next meeting, review the following checklist items to ensure …Read More