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How to Write a Thank You Letter for Attending an Event

After hosting an event, there’s a lot of thanks in order. Running an event involves many people, and any staff members involved should be thanked at your next corporate meet. But perhaps your most formal thank you will be to your guests. Whether a handwritten letter or email message, every thank you should seem customized …Read More


What to Pack for a Business Trip

Every business trip has a different end goal, but starts with the same step — packing. Whether done days in advance or mere minutes before departure, packing can be overwhelming. And while number of outfits or type of bag (carry-on or checked?) may depend on the trip, these items are a must. Here’s our list of …Read More


Let’s Bond: Company Event Ideas

All work and no play does not create an optimal environment for any professional organization. Every once in awhile, it is important to reward your professional community with an outing that allows everyone to kick back and relax for a bit. These company events ideas seek to provide insight into what types of outings can …Read More


A Lesson in Corporate Event Planning

Event can be defined as: “something that happens, or is regarded as happening, an occurrence, especially one of some importance.” Fair enough, but when and where does all the magic happen? People wonder how professional event planners, who never miss the smallest of details, do it. Yes, there is actually brilliant artist behind the curtain …Read More