Social Media for Events


Lately, it has been said that if you can’t do it on social media or a mobile phone, don’t even bother. It sounds hard to believe, but it’s actually pretty accurate. The same applies to event planning and specifically, corporate events.

With all of the technology and social networks available to businesses these days, it is important to incorporate a social aspect to professional events, being that you want your event to come off as modern and advanced as possible that is.

So, what better way to engage your attendees than by creating social media that goes hand in hand with your event? Here are five ways to make it happen.


How to Use Social Media for Events


Hashtag It Out

First things first, make a hashtag. This hashtag will act as an all around representative of the event and can be utilized by attendees for informational purposes as well as an engagement tactics.

If your company Twitter page begins retweeting the tweets of event attendees (who used the hashtag), guests may be more incentivized to post, helping you out with marketing efforts.

Note: Be sure your event group knows how to use a hashtag, believe it or not, not everyone does.


Facebook Invites Never Fail

One of the best ways to create a buzz before an event is by creating a Facebook page and inviting event attendees to join and like that Facebook page.

Use this page as a hub for information. This ensures that your guests will take a look, as they wouldn’t want to miss any important event details or schedules.

Note: A clue here, if you make social media the one and only source for event details, event attendees will have to use it.


Livestream Is All the Rage

A new and hot commodity in social media is livestreaming. To keep everything cohesive, suggest Facebook Livestream to your guests (because you already have a Facebook page for the event).

What a modern way to show outsiders the totally awesome event your company is hosting right now, and did you see how much fun they’re all having?

Note: Perhaps prepare a table card with instructions for using Facebook Livestream – this is a new platform after all.


Old School – Facebook Status Updates

Update your company Facebook page with details about the event. Did an employee just win the raffle? Did the CEO just use a great quote during his speech? Post it!

This is the best way to let Facebook users (who maybe couldn’t make it to the event) stay up to date with event highlights whether they look now or later.

Note: This method is quick, easy, and efficient – include photos and videos where possible.


social media for events snapchat geofilter

New School – Snapchat Geofilter

This one may be best for those millennials out there, but another great way to use social media for events is by creating a Snapchat geotag, especially if the event is taking place at a destination location or is a multiple day event.

Create the design yourself, allow Snapchat to approve, and watch as your attendees spread the word by posting selfies with their co-workers about where and when you are hosting your trendy event. Find more information about creating an on-demand geofilter for an event on Snapchat’s website.

Note: Include the name of the company in the geotag, for example: Best Shoes Ever Annual Conference, Daytona Beach, FL 2016. (include colors and graphics of course). It’s probably a good idea to call in the graphic designer for this one.


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