Zero Waste Office Tips


The fight against climate change can look like a bleak one if you just look at the big picture. It seems like no matter how many concerning reports come out and natural disasters happen, there are still key world leaders that deny climate change and huge corporations not adjusting their practices and policies to help save the planet. Though you may not be able to pass environmentally-revolutionary legislation yourself, there are things you can do that can have a real impact on halting climate change. One of these things is to try to live a zero waste lifestyle. This means that you (ideally) produce no waste by changing your daily habits and product usage. A great way to spread the idea of being zero waste is by implementing these practices in the office. Help rally your coworkers around the cause and save the Earth with OFFSITE’s zero waste office tips.



Zero Waste Office Tips


Switch to Reusable Drinkware

Single-use plastic is one of the most detrimental products to the environment. That iced coffee cup you get every morning will most likely make its way to a landfill, where it will sit for hundreds of years. The same deal goes for your plastic water bottles. While it’s possible that these items can be recycled, unfortunately it is not very likely. This is because countries in Asia where the U.S. sends their plastic to be recycled are starting to no longer accept our recycling. Some aspects of plastic drinkware, such as plastic straws, aren’t even recyclable at all. To combat this problem, invest in a reusable tumbler as well as some reusable metal straws.


Go as Paperless as Possible

One of the benefits of the technology age is that it is much easier to significantly reduce or completely abolish your paper waste. In today’s office environment, it is rare that something will have to be printed as opposed to using an electronic alternative. Instead of keeping a physical planner, use an online calendar such as Google Calendar. Sending a memo to everyone in the office? Send an email blast as opposed to printing a copy for each person. If you have materials that need to be distributed for a meeting, send each attendee an electronic copy and have them bring their laptops, tablets, or phones to pull up said materials.


Cut Carbon Out of Your Commute

While driving in your own car may be the most convenient way to get to work, it is not friendly for the environment due to the carbon emissions driving creates. Luckily, there are many alternatives to single-rider commutes. If you and a coworker live in a similar area, coordinate a carpool system. This way, you collectively will only create half of the carbon emissions you both would if you drove separately. Don’t live near anyone you know from the office? Opt for Uber Pools to ride with someone else going near your destination. You can also significantly reduce your daily carbon footprint by using public transportation or bicycles. Recently, many cities have adopted electric scooters that you can rent by the minute that make getting around both environmentally friendly and fun.