From high-end salon to intimate holiday party…OFFSITE’s transformative qualities are unmatched


Corporate meeting? No problem- everyone knows we’ve got that in the bag.

But wait until you hear how we transformed our space last month… Imagine a day, filled with everything you would want for the perfect day of beauty and primping. And then multiply it by ten! Nexxus Salon Hair Care and Olivier Cheng came to us to transform our space for just that. OFFSITE became a personalized salon, equipped with stylists, Nexxus products, salon amenities … the works!

Not to mention all the food and champagne you could possibly need courtesy of Olivier Cheng’s fabulous catering. Who was lucky enough to receive this treatment? It was a day prepared for fashion, beauty, and style editors from all over the city to test drive and get introduced to the newest Nexxus products. And to end the dream day with something really special, everyone got the chance to leave with a complimentary pair of shoes, courtesy of Jimmy Choo!

Here’s a pair one of the editors, Rachel Jacoby of Self Magazine, picked out!


After the Nexxus salon day was over, we had less than an hour to transform the space into the perfect holiday party. We quickly broke down the salon and revamped the space into an intimate holiday setting for leadership consulting firm YSC with a sit-down dinner for 30 guests. Here’s the proof!

Not all venues were built to shape-shift from full-service salon to intimate dinner soiree. But for OFFSITE? Just a day in the life.