What to Wear to a Casual Work Party


There are many occasions that call for a work party: a colleague’s birthday party, your boss’ retirement dinner, an end of quarter happy hour. While enjoyable, work parties can be confusing attire-wise. While you aren’t going to wear a suit when you’re not in the office, you also can’t dress like you’re at a club with friends. The key to outfitting for an event with colleagues is to have a balance of professional, stylish, and fun aspects in your attire. Need some inspiration? Follow OFFSITE’s guidelines on what to wear to a casual work party.



What to Wear to a Casual Work Party


Spruce Up Your Work Outfit

If the party is happening straight after work, you don’t need to bring a whole change of clothes. You also don’t need to go in your stuffy work outfit. Instead, bring pieces that can transform an outfit from office-appropriate to party-perfect. Trade out your blazer for a leather jacket, bring a pair of high-heeled booties to switch out with your flats, or add a stylish costume earring and bold lip to your work ensemble. For guys, switching to sneakers and taking your jacket and tie off can completely transform your outfit and give it a much more casual vibe.


Stick with Classic Pieces and Add Style

While a work party can be a setting to dress to impress, you don’t want to wear anything too trendy or outlandish because you want to remain professional when out with your coworkers. If you aren’t going to the party straight from the office, stick with classic pieces and add in your own stylish elements.  Pair jeans with a blouse and heels or combine a little (but not too little) black dress and a hip statement necklace. Men can go with classic jeans and/or khakis paired with and a button down with casual-yet-classic shoes such as chukkas, boat shoes, or flat sneakers.


Look at Your Outfit Objectively

Before going to the party, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself how you would feel if your colleague showed up wearing what you are wearing. Though an outfit may be perfectly acceptable at the met gala or a music festival, you must remember that you are spending time with your colleagues and superiors. Your work party outfit should convey that you can let loose outside of work while still remaining professional.


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