Welcome Speech for Event – What to Include


The key to presenting a successful welcome speech is to keep the monologue short and concise while providing attendees with the vital information that is needed to transition to the start of the event. So, when creating the perfect welcome speech for events, here are some ideas for what to include.

welcome speech for event

Welcome Speech for Event:

Thank You and Welcome Note

One of your first tasks should be greeting the attendees and thanking them for taking the time to come out to the event.

If you have spare time before the speech, you might also want to converse with a few people to not only to learn who your audience is but to make them familiar with who you are before you give your speech.

Brief Agenda Explanation

Next, you should outline the agenda for the event. Explain in short detail what the event is, who the organization or charity that is hosting the event is, and introduce the topics that are going to be covered. If applicable to your event, it would also be wise to go over the full schedule for the day; note when there are food and/or coffee breaks or intermissions.

This aspect of the speech should be quite brief.

Introduction of Event Speaker(s)

Instead of introducing who will be speaking at the event by announcing just their names, provide attendees with some background information on who they will be listening to. Include information such as where they had their first job, where they graduated from, what the name of their company or organization is, what their title is, and what their specialties are.

It could be valuable to converse with the speakers ahead of time so that you can include a fun fact when creating introductions.

Event Takeaways to Expect

Everyone already knows what the name of the event is and what it is about, but event attendees also want to know what they are going to get out of the event. The welcome speech should explain to attendees how this event is going to provide value to them and what they can learn here that they can’t find at other events.

Quick Announcements

Now that you have gone over the main details of the event and addressed who is speaking, close out the welcome speech with any quick announcements that guests should be aware of. This could include information about the location of food or refreshments that have been provided and if there are any restrictions on what can be brought into or used at the venue, for example, flash photography may not be appreciated.

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