Valentine’s Day Gifts for Coworkers


When you think of Valentine’s Day, you probably don’t immediately think of your job and your coworkers. While the purpose of Valentine’s Day is so celebrate your special someone, there are platonic ways to add some V-Day cheer to your workplace. Instead of ignoring the holiday in a professional setting, it can be used to boost office morale and camaraderie. To acknowledge this love-filled day without crossing the line in the office, give out a small, practical, or fun gift. Need some ideas? Check out our guide to platonic Valentine’s Day gifts for coworkers.
Valentine's Day Gifts for Coworkers

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Coworkers



     A Valentine’s Day staple, candy is virtually a universal crowd-pleaser. To present this treat to your colleagues, you can either give out individually wrapped goody bags or create a candy buffet in the break room. If the candy buffet is your method of choice, be sure to provide cellophane bags and scoopers to allow your employees to create their own grab bag that they can take home and enjoy the rest of the week.

     When choosing the treats, it is key to keep them both fun and practical. To accomplish the fun aspect, be sure to hit up the holiday aisle when shopping. This will lead you to specially packaged Valentine’s Day candy (think pink and red wrappers, heart shapes, and cute hidden messages.) In addition to picking festive packaging, it is essential to choose a spread that covers all dietary restrictions and preferences. Make sure you include some non-chocolate candies for those with dairy concerns and steer clear of anything with nuts altogether.


Gift Cards

Another great platonic Valentine’s Day gift for coworkers is a gift card. While this may sound like a costly option, you can certainly give out meaningful and useful gift cards on a budget. The key is to pick places where a little money goes a long way. For example, instead of giving a $10 gift card towards a steak dinner where that amount would only cover a drink, give $10 to a local coffee shop which can treat recipients to multiple coffees and a pastry.

     Speaking of coffee, it is an essential part of many people’s days, so gift cards for the life-saving drink are a great gift for your colleagues. Both Starbucks and Dunkin offer gift cards, both with a $5 minimum. Have some coworkers that don’t drink coffee? Get them a gift card to a one-stop shop such as CVS to allow them to buy whatever they may desire.


Tumblers and Mugs

     A tumbler or a mug is an extremely useful, practical, and environmentally-friendly gift. Whether the employee’s drink of choice is water, coffee, juice, or anything in between, they’ll be thankful to have something cute and reusable to drink out of that they can keep at the office. Mugs and tumblers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and price points.

     Want to make the gift-giving itself a memorable experience? Buy a bunch of different varieties, wrap them all, and put them in the break room. Then, invite everyone to participate in an office White Elephant gift exchange!