Types of Corporate Events


Are you looking to plan a corporate event? Do you know which type of event? Selecting the type of corporate event for what you are trying to accomplish can be the trickiest task of all. So, here is our list of five types of corporate events. Included, are some of the most common and popular options when it comes to planning and executing successful corporate events.



Corporate conferences have been said to be one of the most important types of corporate events. A conference is typically held in order to gather professionally related individuals in one location for a discussion, an annual meeting, or for some form of group training. Naturally, the event venue choice depends on the size of the conference and the number of attendees.


Networking Event

Networking events are the latest “go-to” when it comes to social and communication based events. The goal of these events is to assist individuals in gaining a professional network of people. A networking event can include professionals from hundreds of companies; often a cocktail hour is usually involved to help strangers break the ice. These events are all about connection, whether it is handing out 50 business cards to everyone in sight, getting a lead for a potential client, or shaking the hands of someone representing your dream company.


Trade Show

Corporate trade shows are the best type of corporate event when it comes to demonstrating a product or even a small business. Think of a trade show like an expo: potential customers, clients, and entrepreneurs can interact with a product and test out its use. As can many other types of corporate events, trade shows can be themed, for example: a boat trade show, a car trade show, or a local business trade show. Corporate trade shows are an excellent way for consumers to interact with a brand or product that they already are interested in. If they come to your booth, they are interested.


Product Launches

If you are a start-up company this type of corporate event is extra crucial for you. Product launch events are designed around the unveiling of a new product that is about to hit the market, in addition to creating awareness, understanding and knowledge of that same product. Think hard when creating a guest list for this event, you want the invitees to be people who will generate positive word of mouth regarding the product, as they will be the first ones to see it in action.


Team Building Event/Retreat

Team building or retreat corporate outings are events in which much close-knit interaction and collaborative activities are involved. These events usually occur off site – away from the office, where members can focus on team based thinking skills away from their desk. These events can last for a few hours or even a few days if hotel arrangements are made.



Trainings bring together new hires for on-boarding and team building. The size of a training class varies not only by company size, particularly if it involves multiple office locations. Trainings often require a classroom like set up with room for presentations and desks. Many companies prefer training venues to be in lively areas so that new coworkers can continue hanging out after the formal introduction.

training event venues

A double U shaped training room at OFFSITE’s newest location, LOFT.

At OFFSITE, we can accommodate all of these corporate events and more. Learn more about our facilities and availability by submitting a request.

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