Thank You Email After Interview Subject Line


Sending a follow-up email is an important part of the interview process that is often forgotten. It shows both initiative and professionalism, so choosing the right subject line can have a big impact helping the interviewer remember you.

This can go far when determining whether or not you land the job. Here are some tips and suggestions for your next thank you email after interview subject line. Remeber, when writing all email subject lines, keep it simple, informative, and clear about what the body of the email entails.

thank you email after interview subject line

Thank You Email After Interview Subject Line


Subject lines directly after the interview:

  • Thank You for Your Time on Wednesday
  • Thank You for the Interview
  • Enjoyed Speaking with you about Account Executive Position
  • Enjoyed our Conversation on Career Growth – Interview Follow Up – Name
    • If there was a specific conversation that went well during your interview, bring it up, briefly, in your subject line. This is a great way to remind the interviewer who you are.
  • Enjoyed our Conversation about Account Executive Position – Name
  • Thank you for the Interview Time for Available Account Executive Position
  • Name – Applicant for Account Executive Position – Thank You!


Subject lines if you haven’t had a response within a week of the interview:

  • Note Regarding Account Executive Position
  • Checking in about Account Executive Position – Name
  • Update Inquiry: Account Executive Position Status – Name
  • Checking in: Account Executive Position Interview on – Date
  • Name – Follow up: Account Executive Interview
  • Interview Follow Up – Name
  • Interview Candidate Follow Up – Name, Thanks Again!


Short and sweet subject lines after interview:

  • Thank You for the Meeting Today
  • Great Meeting You!
  • Pleasure Meeting You Today
  • Additional Applicant Information Provided – Thank You for the Interview – Name
    • This is a great option if the interviewer asked you to provide any follow up materials – writing sample, past project, logistical information.
  • Many Thanks for Your Time Today
  • Appreciate Your Time – Name Interview
  • Thank You and Next Steps – Name, Date, Interview

Being professional and writing your email in the same tone as your interview was held in will be helpful in impressing the person who interviewed you. This, along with the right email subject lines, will have you well on your way to another interview, and even better: a job. Looking for additional email writing guidelines? Read, Funny Email Sign Offs, and Welcome to the Team Email.

For general tips on what to include and what not to include in email subject lines, read: Best Options for a Follow-up Email Subject Line.