Spring Activities for Kids


With the arrival of March also comes the promise of spring. Soon, we will be able to say goodbye to parkas, scarves, and 5 p.m. sunsets. Instead, the flowers will start to bloom, the sun will stay out longer, and the breezes will turn warm. For kids who have been stuck inside all winter, this is a very exciting and happy time. But now that you can finally get your kids out of the house, what exactly are you doing to do with them? Check out some of OFFSITE’s spring activities for kids for a great place to start.

Spring Activities for Kids


Break out the Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is a great activity that accomplishes two things at once: getting kids outside and allowing them to express their creativity. In addition, it is a very inexpensive activity that can take up hours and create a lot of fun memories. In fact, you can get this 48 piece set for under $5. When playing with sidewalk chalk with your kids, you can either give them prompts (i.e. draw a picture of your pet) or allow them to draw freely. You can also use sidewalk chalk to create templates for interactive games such as hopscotch, tic tac toe, and four square.


Go on a Bike Ride 

A bike ride is a fantastic spring activity because you can enjoy the nice weather while getting in some exercise. In addition, there are bike options for all ages. Older kids can ride their own two-wheel bikes, while younger ones can follow along with training wheels. They even have bike seats for babies and toddlers that you can attach to your own bicycle. A bike ride is something an entire family can enjoy and it allows your kids to get out of the house, get fresh air, and see the local sights. If you don’t live in a bike-friendly neighborhood, go to a local park with a bike trail or an empty parking lot to host friendly races between kids.


Engage in Some Friendly Competition

Kids that have been cooped up all winter long have a lot of pent-up energy they need to release. Now that the weather is getting better and the days are longer, you can help them do so by setting up outside games. There are tons of playground games that kids can partake in. For sporty options, suggest knockout, kickball, or the aforementioned four square. For no-equipment options, create a game of red rover. These games will allow kids to have a ton of fun while also getting to run around for the first time all season.


Now that we’re approaching the time of year where you can finally have your children play outside, be sure to put one of OFFSITE’s spring activities for kids to use.