Relaxing Day Off Ideas


It can be hard to unwind from the week and officially “turn off” work mode. Even when you aren’t at the office, you might think about what needs to be done at work, if you’ll hit your goal, or how you’re going to finish that project in time. But days off are for relaxing, unwinding, and resetting. Instead of spending it worrying about work, try one of these relaxing day off ideas.


Relaxing Day Off Ideas

Relaxing Day Off Ideas


Sleep In

Society puts pressure on us with the “rise and grind” mentality. While that can be great and productive sometimes, your body needs to rest. On your precious day off, don’t feel guilty about setting your alarm for two hours later than normal or turning it off completely. There is no need to feel guilty about this, as the world can wait.  Sleeping in can help reset both your mind and body and can make you more prepared to take on the duties of the week. Those extra hours will also leave you more energized for your day off so you can enjoy it even more and not be sluggish.


Go See or Watch a Movie

Is there anything better than snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and your favorite snack and pressing the “play” button on a movie? Perhaps maybe kicking back in a movie theater seat, popcorn in one hand and candy in the other. Whatever your preferred watch method, use the time on your day off to relax your body while letting your mind escape to another world. Go see that new thriller you’ve been dying to see or the flick that is getting all the Oscar buzz. Don’t feel like leaving your house? Get cozied up on the couch and watch an old favorite. These days with video on demand, netflix, hulu, and amazon prime, tons of your favorite movies are available to you at the touch of a button. Allow yourself time to “do nothing” and enjoy one of your favorite films.


Spend Time Outside

A great way to unwind after a week of staring at a computer screen is by spending some time in nature. When it comes to recharging your body and mind, a little fresh air can go a long way. You don’t have to go camping in the wilderness with no electricity in order to submerse yourself in the outdoors. Instead, go read a book on your deck or in a park, take a walk with a dog or a neighbor, or work on your garden. Being outside will help you refresh yourself and be ready for the week ahead.


While days off of work are a great time to catch up on any household chores or errands, it is also important to spend your precious free time relaxing and winding down from a stressful week.