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Zero Waste Office Tips

The fight against climate change can look like a bleak one if you just look at the big picture. It seems like no matter how many concerning reports come out and natural disasters happen, there are still key world leaders that deny climate change and huge corporations not adjusting their practices and policies to help …Read More


Work Outfits for Summer

In the high heat of summer, the only appealing thing to wear can be a bathing suit. Unfortunately, swim attire will not fly in the office. Though you can’t wear what you would wear to the beach to work, you do not have to spend the summer sweating in a stuffy pantsuit. Instead, there are …Read More


How to Talk to a Coworker About a Problem

No matter how much you like someone or how close you are with them, conflict is an unavoidable part of life. This not only pertains to your personal life, but the workplace as well. While you may be able to resolve a problem with a friend by texting them an emoji and bringing over some …Read More


Relaxing Day Off Ideas

It can be hard to unwind from the week and officially “turn off” work mode. Even when you aren’t at the office, you might think about what needs to be done at work, if you’ll hit your goal, or how you’re going to finish that project in time. But days off are for relaxing, unwinding, …Read More


Office Meeting Food Ideas

The point of a meeting is to get things done in the office and discuss ideas, campaigns, initiatives, etc. However, it is nice to provide a little incentive/treat for the people attending. After all, meeting attendees are taking time away from their busy day to be present at said meeting. The idea of being away from …Read More