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Finding Motivation to Workout After Work

After a long day of work, it’s likely that all you want to do is come home, kick off your shoes, put on pajamas, and lay on the couch. Though this may be an ideal option in the short-term, chances are if you skip the gym to do so, you won’t feel great about it …Read More


How to Impress Your Boss

Whether you work closely alongside your boss every day or you haven’t said more than 5 words to them since your initial interview, it always bodes well professionally for one to make a good impression on their supervisor. However, this can be difficult for a variety of reasons. You may not have direct exposure to …Read More


Thank You Letter for Sponsorship Donation

Though securing a sponsorship donation may seem like the most important part of the process, there is a crucial step that many people miss. To show thanks, maintain good rapport, and keep the door open for future partnerships, it is essential to write your sponsors a thank you letter. If you aren’t sure where to …Read More


How to Avoid Small Talk

Picture this: you and your coworker show up to a meeting early and are sitting across from each other in silence. Instead of pretending to be on your phone or awkwardly staring past them, you want to spark up a conversation to release the tension. However, what do you talk about? The weather? The office …Read More


Best Lunches for Work

While it can be tempting to both your cravings and your inner laziness, buying lunch at work every day is not easy on the wallet. Though it is perfectly understandable to buy lunch a few days a week, an easy money-saving option is to pack your lunch from home. Not sure what to bring? Get …Read More