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Best Lunches for Work

While it can be tempting to both your cravings and your inner laziness, buying lunch at work every day is not easy on the wallet. Though it is perfectly understandable to buy lunch a few days a week, an easy money-saving option is to pack your lunch from home. Not sure what to bring? Get …Read More


How to Be Liked at Work

Even though the purpose of work is not to socialize, but to get your job done, your office experience can be greatly affected by your relationships with your coworkers. If you have a friendly relationship with your colleagues, it can make going into work much easier. On the flip-side, if you feel you are unliked …Read More


Office Happy Hour Ideas

It can be hard to really get to know your coworkers on a level other than talking about job-related matters. One of the best ways to get friendlier with your colleagues is to spend time with them outside of the office. While it’s unlikely that you’ll go on a vacation with your entire office, you …Read More


How to Get a Promotion at Work

If you’re feeling bored and not challenged in your current position, going to work can be extremely frustrating. This can be especially true if you feel you are underpaid. Instead of dreading going to work everyday and feeling down about your career and where you are at in it, it may be time to ask …Read More


Best Things to Do in the Summer

While winter is for cuddling with your favorite blanket on the couch, catching up on the TV series you’ve been meaning to watch, and falling asleep by the fire early, summer is for fun in the sun. Don’t take the warmth, long hours of daylight, and happy vibe in the air for granted. Make the …Read More