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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Coworkers

When you think of Valentine’s Day, you probably don’t immediately think of your job and your coworkers. While the purpose of Valentine’s Day is so celebrate your special someone, there are platonic ways to add some V-Day cheer to your workplace. Instead of ignoring the holiday in a professional setting, it can be used to …Read More


Budgeting Your Time

It’s very easy to wish there were more hours in the day. Many days it feels like you enter the office, answer a few emails, dive into one project, and then just like that, the day is over. While leaving work is usually a happy circumstance, it is the opposite when you had an extremely …Read More


Beating the Winter Blues

It’s a Monday morning in January. You wake up in the dark, commute in the frigid weather, look out of your office window to dreary skies, and leave work only to find more dark, freezing conditions. This is a vast contrast to summertime, which entails going on a refreshing run before work, eating lunch outside …Read More


What to Wear to an Interview Based on the Company

     Decades ago, interview attire was pretty standard. Men would wear a suit and tie, while woman would wear either a pantsuit or a business skirt and a blazer. While this is still appropriate in some cases, the professional landscape has vastly changed in recent years. “Business professional” attire seems to be becoming a …Read More


How to Attend a Networking Event Alone

     Networking events can be daunting. The idea of entering a room full of strangers, trying to make an impression and form a meaningful professional connection while wearing a cheesy nametag can make even the most confident person feel uncomfortable. In an ideal world, you would attend every networking event with a friend or …Read More