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Relaxing Day Off Ideas

It can be hard to unwind from the week and officially “turn off” work mode. Even when you aren’t at the office, you might think about what needs to be done at work, if you’ll hit your goal, or how you’re going to finish that project in time. But days off are for relaxing, unwinding, …Read More


Office Meeting Food Ideas

The point of a meeting is to get things done in the office and discuss ideas, campaigns, initiatives, etc. However, it is nice to provide a little incentive/treat for the people attending. After all, meeting attendees are taking time away from their busy day to be present at said meeting. The idea of being away from …Read More


Event Timeline Example

  Timelines are a crucial part of a successful event. However, you may go to make one for your upcoming event and draw a blank. While there is no universal event timeline, there are several key aspects that all timelines should include. Such aspects consist of set up, start time, execution, event flow, and more. …Read More


What to Wear to a Casual Work Party

There are many occasions that call for a work party: a colleague’s birthday party, your boss’ retirement dinner, an end of quarter happy hour. While enjoyable, work parties can be confusing attire-wise. While you aren’t going to wear a suit when you’re not in the office, you also can’t dress like you’re at a club …Read More


Writing a Follow Up Email After an Interview

After an interview, it is common to feel a sense of relief. The preparation is done, the questions over with, and you are out of the hot seat. However, while you can breathe a sigh of relief, there is still one key step to take that many people miss. It is essential to write a …Read More