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Working in a Group

You may have thought that working in a group would become a thing of the past once finishing high school or college. However, while many jobs are autonomous aspects, group work is something that will follow you into your professional life and career. Working in a group has many benefits including collaboration, teamwork, division of …Read More


Preparing for an Interview

  Landing an interview is a feat in itself. Out of countless applicants, qualified candidates, and possible choices, the company has chosen to move forward with your application. While this is definitely something to celebrate, getting the interview is just the first step in the process of getting a new job or promotion. To increase …Read More


Decorating Your Cubicle

Even if you love your job, chances are your office is not your favorite place in the world. While most people would rather be on the couch with their family watching television or relaxing on a remote island, there are ways to make being at your office more bearable. The key to doing so is …Read More


Small Talk Tips

     In theory, small talk should be simple. This is because by definition, small talk involves easy conversation about common, non-controversial topics with strangers or acquaintances. Despite the idea of small talk being effortless, many people struggle initiating and/or maintaining small talk. Unfortunately for those who struggle with it, small talk is an essential …Read More


How to Make a Good First Impression at Work

The new year brings a lot of fresh beginnings. This is especially true in the workplace, as many new-hires join the team after the holidays. Starting a new job can be highly intimidating and daunting. This is not only due to the pressure of learning new job duties, company policies, and skills, but also because …Read More