Office Happy Hour Ideas


It can be hard to really get to know your coworkers on a level other than talking about job-related matters. One of the best ways to get friendlier with your colleagues is to spend time with them outside of the office. While it’s unlikely that you’ll go on a vacation with your entire office, you can easily plan an outside-the-office hangout through an after work happy hour. Not sure where to go, what to do, or what’s appropriate? Consult OFFSITE’s office happy hour ideas.


office happy hour ideas


Office Happy Hour Ideas


Center the Outing Around an Activity

While simply drinking at a bar can be fun, sometimes you need more to break the ice with your coworkers. An activity-based happy hour is a surefire way to get you and your colleagues laughing and interacting. This could include bowling, golfing, or even axe-throwing. Anything that encourages a little friendly competition and teamwork is a perfect way to create a memorable office happy hour. Don’t want to get sporty? Take a tour of a local brewery or distillery or get together for a night of drinking and art at a spot like Wine & Design


Try Out That New Spot in Town…

These days, it seems like a new rooftop bar, farm-to-table restaurant, or micro-brewery is popping up everyday. Chances are, there’s a new buzzed-about place in town that you and many others in your office have been wanting to try. To entice people to attend the happy hour, set the location at the new hotspot in town that everyone has on their to-do list. If you hold it on a weekday, it’s a win-win, as your colleagues will be more likely to attend if everyone goes together from work and the new, happening spot will be less crowded than it would be on a weekend.


…Or Find a Gracious Host

Sometimes the best bonding experiences happen in a more casual, intimate setting. If you want to avoid crowds, high bar bills, and a loud atmosphere, see if there is someone in the office that is willing to host your happy hour. Ideally, this person would live in a central area to the office and have significant space for entertaining. To not put all of the pressure and burden on the host, make this happy hour a potluck, where each guest brings a different appetizer, liquor, or mixer. You can even set a fun theme such as “island nights” or “sophisticated barbecue.”