Office Halloween Decorations 


October is here which means one thing: it’s officially spooky season. While it may be tempting to celebrate Halloween season by watching scary movies, planning your costume, and going to haunted houses all day every day, unfortunately work gets in the way of doing so. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring some Halloween festivity to the workplace. Check out OFFSITE’s guide to office Halloween decorations to bring your desk from stuffy to spooky.


Office Halloween Decorations

Office Halloween Decorations

Paper Bats

Even though they can be extremely cute, (Don’t believe us? Check out this video!) bats are often seen as a symbol of all things creepy, dark, and Halloween-related. Bring these vampire mascots into your cubicle via paper cutouts. These are unique and affordable decorations that can really bring the Halloween spirit into a space. If you aren’t crafty, you can purchase ones like these (for under $10!). Those particular ones are nice because they are separated and you can arrange them in any way that you like (cascading from the ceiling, scattered throughout the office). If you do have a DIY spirit, you can easily make your own. The benefit to making them as opposed to buying them is that you can make them with any color/type of paper you want. 


Lights, Lights, and More Lights

The key to setting a vibe and creating ambiance in homes, restaurants, stores, and venues is lighting. The same goes for your office decor. While the fluorescent lights of the workplace don’t exactly scream “Halloween,” you can up the festive feels by adding cute Halloween-themed string lights (like these pumpkin ones or these ghosts) around the office. These can be placed over doorways, across your desk, or draped from the ceiling. If you want a less-literal Halloween lighting option, you can use orange versions of regular holiday lights to add simple and subtle Halloween ambiance. 


Assorted Pumpkins

Nothing says “fall” or“Halloween” quite like a classic pumpkin. Luckily, there are many variations of this awesome decor piece that will leave your coworkers saying “oh my gourd.” First, you can go with the classic or chic option of putting tiny (or not-so-tiny) pumpkins on everyone’s desks and other common places throughout the office. During the Halloween season, you can find pumpkins at almost every grocery store. To get craftier, you could even make a jack-o-lantern and bring it into work to display. If you aren’t the best with a knife, decorate your pumpkin by painting it with fun colors and patterns. Finally, if you don’t want to worry about a real pumpkin rotting in the office, there are plenty of cute faux pumpkin decorations to choose from.


It’s hard to be in the Halloween spirit while sitting at your desk. Instead of missing out completely, use OFFSITE’s guide to office Halloween decorations to celebrate the season.