Office Birthday Ideas


People look forward to their birthdays all year for just one day. However, it can be hard to look forward to said birthday when you know you are going to be spending it in your office. While you don’t need to have an all-out extravaganza for each coworker’s birthday, it is nice to help make people’s birthdays feel special when spending it in the workplace. These office birthday ideas are easy tasks that can make all the difference in making your coworker feel appreciated.

Office Birthday Ideas



Tailor the Celebration

The point of recognizing someone’s birthday is to acknowledge that you value the birthday honoree and are happy that they are in your life. To show the birthday boy or girl that you care, it is essential to customize the celebration according to them. This doesn’t have to include getting monogrammed birthday hats or wearing shirts with the person’s face printed on them. Instead, there are little ways to tailor the office birthday party to make the birthday person’s day brighter. Does the birthday person love Game of Thrones? Give your office birthday party a theme! (Think: “Cake is Coming” signs, a sweets table dubbed “Tyrion’s Treats,” etc.) Are they a big fan of a certain band? Make sure to have that band’s music playing throughout the party!


Take the Party out of the Office

A birthday party in an office can be enjoyable, but the possibilities are pretty limited. To really make your colleague’s birthday special, take the birthday honoree to an after-work event or activity. Spending time with your coworkers outside of the office can help you bond and create a stronger team. You all can drink, eat, let loose, and talk about things other than work – all while celebrating a birthday. Stuck on what to do? Try going to a hip happy hour, take the squad bowling, or do something out-of-the-box such as axe throwing. If there are multiple office birthdays in a month, create one out-of-office outing and have a joint celebration!


Pitch in for a Thoughtful Gift

Similarly to tailing the celebration to reflect the birthday person, you can also make their big day more special by determining the gift based on the person. Instead of a typical card filled with cash or a gift card, give your colleague something that they in particular would enjoy. A special gift doesn’t have to be super expensive. Think of little things that would show the birthday boy/girl that you know them well, care about them, and listen to them. For example, if they love coffee, get them an amazing tumbler. Or, if they’re obsessed with craft beer, get them a 6 pack and sign them up for a tour at a local brewery. If everyone in the office pitches in, it can be an inexpensive way to make the birthday honoree’s day.


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