Memorable Parties, Corporate Events and Business Speeches from TV and Movies


Movie magic isn’t limited to special effects, but special events. Some of the most popular TV shows and movies have had epic, memorable events that engage audiences further into the characters and plot. We’ve compiled our list of the top fictional parties and business meetings for your inspiration, motivation or entertainment needs. There is so much prep and planning to make these special events.. well, special. Get inspired!


Company Events

The Office
The Party Planning Committee puts together another great Office party, and the bloopers are even better.

13 Going on 30
When a 13 year old suddenly ages to her 30 year old self, she acts an age somewhere in between especially when there’s a lull in her company’s party.



Corporate Meetings

Mad Men
This event pitch goes flawlessly thanks to Don Draper’s public speaking and personal connection to the product.

Steve Jobs
In this 2015 movie, viewers learn both the successes and trials of Steve Jobs, including the meetings that are hard to hear.

The Iron Lady
This performance shows how a good speech can get a point across despite political differences.

Star Wars
“I find your lack of faith disturbing,” a fine line but questionable tactics.

The Social Network
A tense moment along Mark Zuckerberg’s case about other students’ involvement in creating Facebook.


Grand Parties

Great Gatsby
This novel to movie adaptation demonstrates the ostentatious party scene during the roaring 20’s.

Gossip Girl
The New York City teen drama shows the social lights experiencing the best of Manhattan.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter characters gather with other wizarding schools at the Goblet of Fire’s traditional Yule Ball.

Anastasia fantasizes of a royal dance, complete with chandeliers, ball gowns and princes.


If we missed any of your favorites, please share in the comments section!