Meeting Checklist for Motivating Staff


A meeting checklist can help organize, strategize and implement your next corporate gathering. While it’s easy to fall into a habit when planning a meeting, a meeting checklist specific to a end goal will not only shake up routines, but shake up results. Before planning your next meeting, review the following checklist items to ensure that you are motivating your staff, whether for New Year projects or end of year wrap ups.

meeting checklist

Meeting Checklist: Preparation

  • Setting: Choose the time, date and location of your meeting. If booking your corporate meeting with an event venue, make sure you plan more in advanced. Once finalized, invite your attendees using Google Calendar, email marketing, or through your preferred method.
  • Proofread: Review any meeting materials including PowerPoints and handouts. If possible, share with someone new for fresh eyes and perspective. Remember to include dates on materials and save an electronic copy (without your notes) for people to access later.
  • Outline: Create notes to reference throughout the meeting. Even if you feel prepared, an outline can help you focus incase of an unforeseen interruption or ensure that you allotted enough time.
  • Technology: Determine which devices, software or Apps you will be using ahead of time. Begin setting up your required technology at least 15 minutes in advanced to ensure that everything runs smoothly. With this prep work, your meeting can start on time and follow schedule.

Meeting Checklist: Presentation

  • Welcome: Begin every meeting with a welcome and overview of the day’s topics. This will help listeners mentally prepare for the meeting in terms of topics and time.
  • Recognize: Never host a meeting without recognizing an individual or team’s hard work. Often, money isn’t the biggest motivator but public recognition. Incorporate a thoughtful congratulations and share your reasoning for honoring the employee. In turn, other employees can learn how the company measures good work (and strive to be the next recognized employee).
  • Challenge: Present a challenge for team members in every meeting. There’s always an area that can improve, and offering this vulnerability to listeners can motivate them to brainstorm solutions or take action.
  • Review: Use visuals to review the company’s progress. Whether pulling data from Excel or Google Analytics, choose graphs that can show change and growth.
  • Uplift: End corporate meetings with a positive note. It could be an expression of your own optimism or reiteration of previous meeting points. Remember, your tone to really ignite the ambition in your team.

Meeting Checklist: Follow Up

  • Connect: Email participants the key points of your meeting along with any promised materials. These emails can often be drafted in advanced, which can be helpful when you have other responsibilities to address.
  • Save: Save any meeting minutes or presentations in an easy to find folder. This can help expedite finding topics and choosing formats for your next corporate meet.
  • Plan: If you already have your next meeting planned, share the date in your follow up.


Do you have any meeting checklist additions? How to you motivate your staff for corporate meetings? Share your event experience below!