How to Get a Promotion at Work


If you’re feeling bored and not challenged in your current position, going to work can be extremely frustrating. This can be especially true if you feel you are underpaid. Instead of dreading going to work everyday and feeling down about your career and where you are at in it, it may be time to ask for a promotion. While it’s not the easiest thing in the world to ask for, it has the potential to pay off in a huge way. If you’re not sure where to start, follow OFFSITE’s guide on how to get a promotion at work.



How to Get a Promotion at Work


Make Your Request Timely

While you can ask for a promotion at a random time, it makes more sense and is easier to bring up when you hit the point of being with the company for a certain, significant amount of time. Whether it be 6 months or 5 years, a workiversary (work anniversary) is an optimal time to bring up the possibility of a promotion. This is because you can reflect on your time at the company and what you’ve accomplished in that time. It also makes sense to ask to sit down with your supervisor or boss after a specific amount of time has passed. Speaking of talking to your supervisor…


Set Up a Time to Chat with Your Boss 

Most likely, you won’t get a promotion without bringing it up to your boss first. In fact, many times the key to getting a promotion is asking for one. Contact your supervisor to schedule a time to sit down and discuss you getting said promotion. You should start the conversation by asking for feedback on your work performance, getting information on both your strengths and your weaknesses. Make sure you are prepared for a little constructive criticism when going into this meeting. As discussed above, it is best to set up this conversation around a significant anniversary of you being with the company.


Lay Out Your Accomplishments and Goals

While you are asking your boss for feedback, make sure to sell yourself as well. After they offer insight onto your performance, be sure to lay out the reasons why you deserve a promotion. Did you increase the company’s quarterly numbers by 50 percent? Or maybe you’ve gotten excellent feedback from multiple clients or have innovated or improved an office practice? Make sure you make that clear! Laying out your accomplishments is the best leverage you have when asking for a promotion. In addition, be sure to specify what you are looking to do or improve if you get said promotion. This will show your boss that you are an accomplished employee who is proactive and looks to the future.


There is no cookie-cutter guide on how to get a promotion at work. However, following OFFSITE’s steps can bring you one step closer to your dream job!