How to Be Liked at Work


Even though the purpose of work is not to socialize, but to get your job done, your office experience can be greatly affected by your relationships with your coworkers. If you have a friendly relationship with your colleagues, it can make going into work much easier. On the flip-side, if you feel you are unliked or don’t jive with your office mates, that can cause unnecessary anxiety and discomfort in the workplace. If you feel like maybe you started off on the wrong foot with the others in the office or that you just haven’t clicked with them yet, check out OFFSITE’s tips on how to be liked at work.


How to Be Liked at Work


Be Friendly and Social

It’s hard to have a relationship with someone who you only say “hi” to in the morning and “bye” to in the afternoon. In order to grow a harmonious relationship with your coworkers, you must engage in conversation outside of just salutations and work-related matters. While it is important to be efficient on the job and get your work done, there is no harm in taking a few minutes out of your day to chat with your colleagues. Perhaps they just became a grandparent for the first time or are moving houses. Ask them about it! Or maybe, you both enjoy the same television show. Talk to them about the latest episode! Being friendly and engaging in conversation outside of work-related topics is essential for building good rapport.


Don’t Be a Slacker

Even though you may think you are being slick by texting under your desk or watching YouTube videos with your headphones in, it is obvious to your office mates when you are slacking off and not doing your job. If your coworkers see you goofing around as opposed to working, it can leave a bad taste in their mouths and cause them to resent you. This is because you may not be pulling your weight on a group project, making the others in the office have to pick up your slack. Or, your colleagues may think that it isn’t fair that you are both getting paid while they are hard at work and you’re laughing at the latest meme. Of course an occasional text here and there is okay, but don’t make it a habit to not be engaged in your assigned tasks.


Be Genuine

Sometimes it can be tempting to simply agree with the opinion of the masses or laugh at a joke you don’t find funny in order to fit in. While this is necessary to keep the peace sometimes, it is essential to be genuine in front of your coworkers. It is usually very obvious when a person is just saying something to impress people or telling a lie to seem cool. Chances are if you try to change yourself to desperately fit in with your coworkers, they can easily sniff that out. In order to avoid being perceived as fake or a “suck-up,” simply be yourself and don’t put on a show for anyone.


Even though there isn’t a universal answer on how to be liked at work, these steps are easy things you can do to improve your relationships with your coworkers.