Fun Staff Meeting Games to Break the Ice


The workday can be tiring. Spark some energy in your next meeting by kicking off the meet with some entertaining and engaging games with coworkers. A fun staff meeting game makes a difference in the resulting employee conversations. They help attendees to relax, be creative and collaborate with others in the group. Here are six fun staff meeting games that could bring employees closer and build up a better company culture.

Fun staff meeting games to break the ice

Fun Staff Meeting Games to Break the Ice


Who’s Your Match Game

If you are Prince William, who is your Princess Kate? In this game, the organizer prepares pairs of well-known people. They could be real-life, fictitious, or historical, such as “Anna” and “Elsa” from Frozen. When the meeting starts, organizer gives out these names on Post-Its and asks participants to stick them on their foreheads. Participants have to figure out who they are given by asking questions of others (e.g., age, profession, etc.), and they could only answer “yes” or “no”. At the end of the game, participants should successfully find their pairs. This fun activity motivates employees to be creative and improve the closeness with others.


A Day in A Word

When you think of your day, how would you describe it? We all prefer to use adjectives and adverbs to add more colors to it. However, when we are asked to narrate our day in just one word, it becomes more challenging. This game would work well in every meeting, training, and team building session on any topic. Participants would be asked to describe their day, mood, or schedule in only one word. This game motivates participants to get creative and fun in abbreviate their day and expand beyond on that word.


Shining Work/Life Moments

Regular office schedules and repeated tasks become tiresome. At the end of the day, we focus too much on the bad things happened during the day and overlook at the positivities. This icebreaker activity enables participants to reflect on their days, weeks, months, or even years of work and life; simply pick three moments to share with their small group of participants. These should be the shining moments that people remember, such as producing the best work, achieving career success, and accomplishing milestones.


Culture Jam

Team building is not just about socializing, but bonding through shared values and reinforcing a shared organizational culture. In this activity, participants get together to talk about what the company culture is today, where they would like it to be, and how they could get there. It allows participants to connect on a personal level, in which participants are encouraged to think critically about what kind of culture they would like to create.


Inspiring Quotes

Everyone has a role model that inspires them. These people and their thoughts or actions motivate us in our life and work. For this game, each participant shares an inspiring quote with each other in the meeting room. The quote could be in any content, and the person explains why he or she likes this quote. This activity encourages and fosters the sharing culture within the company, and employees could get closer by sharing their favorite things.


Circle of Appreciation

It’s time to express your gratitude for the people around you! During this activity, each participant is asked to share something he or she appreciates about the person on his or her right-hand side. Once the circle is completed, the process reversed and participants all share something they appreciate about the person on the left-hand side. Although it sounds pretty simple, it is an effective method, spotlighting the power of appreciation.

Fun staff meeting games to break the ice


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