Fun Spring Break Ideas


While an official “spring break” may become a thing of the past after college, the weather starting to get warmer after a long winter can have you itching to celebrate the arrival of spring. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to do something highly elaborate or expensive to create a fun spring break for yourself. If this sounds appealing but you’re stuck on what to do, check out OFFSITE’S fun spring break ideas!

Fun Spring Break Ideas


Go on a Staycation

A vacation doesn’t have to include flying to a faraway place. Instead, you can go on a quick “staycation” to recharge your batteries and get yourself excited for summer. To do so, pick a place that is no more than a 3 hour drive away. Mountains, lakes, beaches, and cities can all be great destinations for staycations. Once you pick where you want to go, plan a long weekend away. Use your vacation days and take off Friday and Monday and leave Thursday night after work to maximize your time. Even though you will be only a drive away, a staycation can feel like a true vacation and make all of the difference.


Take a Mental Health Day

The working world can come with lots of stress and minimal free time. To make your spring break an actual “break,” set aside a day to focus completely on you. This can either be a weekend day or you can take a day off of work to bring some peace and relaxation into your life. How a mental health day will vary person by person, but the key is to do things that bring you joy or will make you feel better. A mental health day can range from watching movies and baking all day to doing some spring cleaning of your closet to taking a ride to the beach. It doesn’t matter what your mental health day consists of, it matters that you use this day to do exactly what you want to do and what is good for your soul. One mental health day can recharge your batteries for many days to come.


Fly Somewhere Warm

Sometimes the only way to scratch your spring break itch is to hop on a plane and fly somewhere sunny and warm. The winter takes a toll on us all and a quick 3 night, 4 day getaway can be the cure to the winter blues and put you in the right frame of mind for the upcoming summer. Escaping to a hot destination doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. The beauty of not having a set “spring break” is that the dates of your trip are flexible. Websites like Kayak tell you which days have the best flight prices to your destination and compare prices from all airlines.


You survived a long winter, now it’s time to celebrate with at least one of these fun spring break ideas.