Fun Meeting Ideas


While they are necessary, a lot of professionals dread meetings. Meetings can take up valuable time that could have been spent doing other work and knocking things off of people’s to-do lists. In the workplace, you should try to avoid having your colleagues roll their eyes at a meeting that could have been an email. However, that can be easier said than done. Follow these fun meeting ideas to make the meeting more enjoyable and feel like it was worthy of your employees’ time.


Fun Meeting Ideas

Fun Meeting Ideas


Provide Food and Drink

The phrase “the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach” isn’t limited to one’s personal life. In fact, this sentiment applies to the workplace as well. To make people dread your meeting less, provide refreshments that are not normally available in the office. This will make it feel like there is a “special” element to the meeting and will make people more excited to attend and more engaged. There are lots of options for providing food and drink treats during your meeting. You can cook your famous recipe, bake your specialty cookies, or even get the meeting catered and bring in takeout. Just make sure that for whichever option you go with, there are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options to accommodate for dietary restrictions.


Encourage Friendly Competition

To make your meeting more enjoyable, add in a game-like aspect and encourage a little friendly competition. Is your meeting based on brainstorming for an upcoming campaign? Have meeting-goers split into two teams and pitch their ideas to the managers “Shark Tank” style. Do you have a big presentation coming up? Create a condensed Jeopardy game with questions focusing on the content of the presentation. Split the group into teams and keep score Jeopardy-style. To give the meeting attendees an incentive to participate and do well, up the stakes. Have the winners be treated to lunch on the office’s dime or get to leave work an hour early on Friday.


Have a Theme

Pick a universally well-liked theme and center the meeting around that. Some ideas include superheroes, the 80s, the beach, and winter wonderland. Spice up your meeting by decorating the conference room or meeting location to reflect said theme. You can bring a smile to people’s faces by making on-theme puns and jokes throughout the meeting. If you’re feeling super fun, have a costume contest!