Decorating Your Cubicle


Even if you love your job, chances are your office is not your favorite place in the world. While most people would rather be on the couch with their family watching television or relaxing on a remote island, there are ways to make being at your office more bearable. The key to doing so is by creating a happy and pleasing office space for yourself. Cubicles tend to be bland and bleak, but following OFFSITE’s tips on decorating your cubicle can help brighten you space and in turn, brighten your work experience.



Decorating Your Cubicle


Add Picture Frames

Just seeing a loved one’s face can provide a sense of calm and comfort. Since your loved ones aren’t present in your office, fill your workspace with pictures of those closest to you. Pictures in your cubicle will remind you of great days and why you work so hard.

In addition to being personal and sentimental, adding picture frames to your desk space can be highly cost effective. Drug stores like Walgreens have affordable printing options and even let you choose the pictures directly off of your social media accounts. Places like Target and Amazon have stylish frame options to please everyone’s personal taste at low prices. Check out some fun, unique options here and here.


Spice up Your Stationery

Standard and traditional paper, notebooks, and pens can be boring and dreary. Adding fun stationery to your cubicle is an easy way to brighten up your work space and add some happiness to your days. The options for unique, cute stationery are seemingly endless and there really is something for everyone. However, these bountiful options and choices can make the task of replacing your stationery seem daunting. Start with a cool planner or a bright notebook. Then, move on to a unique pen or even add some color to your pages.


Bring Your Own Lighting

The lighting of a space has a direct correlation to the mood the space evokes. With that being said, the fluorescent lights of a cubicle are less than ideal. Combat this harsh lighting by bringing on some unique fixtures of your own. String fairy lights across the top of your cubicle or switch out your lamp lightbulbs to a warm shade. Want an additional mood booster? Add a Himalayan salt lamp to give off positive energy.


Want more tips? Be sure to check out OFFSITE’s space for more inspiration for decorating your cubicle!