Daylight Savings Time 2020: What to Do With Your Extra Hour


At 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 8th, the vast majority of the United States will turn their clocks up an hour. This is known as the annual “spring forward” which takes place every year for daylight savings time. While the reason we still practice daylight savings is contested, there is no denying that this day gives you an extra hour of sunlight. After a long winter, an extra hour of sun is a gift. To make the most of daylight savings time 2020, try one of these ways to spend your extra hour of sun.


Daylight Savings Time 2020: What to Do With Your Extra Hour


Go on a Walk

It’s hard to go on a walk during the work week in the winter because by the time you get home, it is already dark. Not only can this be unmotivating, it is also much less safe walking in the dark than in the daylight. Luckily, daylight savings will provide you with an extra hour of daytime. Utilize this time by getting out into the sunshine and walking around your neighborhood or local trail. To make it even more enjoyable, bring headphones and a playlist loaded with your favorite songs or invite a neighbor to join you so you can catch up.


Read by a Window

There is something so peaceful about reading under natural light. The harshness and artificiality of a lamp is replaced with a soft, warm glow that glides onto your pages. In the winter, it can start getting dark in your home as early as 4:30pm, requiring you to switch on a light. For daylight savings time 2020, park yourself in the cozy nook of a window, book in hand, and savor that extra hour of natural sunlight.


Get Excited About Summer

The sky staying lighter longer means one thing: summer is coming. The cold is about to break and the warm breezes will make their way in, bringing with them beach days, dining al fresco, outdoor concerts, and more. Take the time to reflect on the fact that you made it through the winter and that lighter, brighter, more fun days are ahead. You have an extra hour of light to think, after all.