Fun and Simple Corporate Party Themes


When it comes to selecting a corporate party theme, creativity and flexibility are both a must! While the night should be filled with unique decorations, food, and attire that will make it a night to remember, the theme shouldn’t be too difficult that it becomes stressful on co-workers.

Below you will find six corporate party themes that are both simple and guaranteed to be a hit.

corporate party themes

1. Masquerade

Nothing spices up the night quite like masks do! Elegant decor, bright colors, low lighting and sparkling accessories make masquerade a theme that everyone can master.

Dress code for masquerade events tends to include tuxes and gowns, but for a less formal event, guests can simply add a mask to their work attire. Keep the menu simple by having bite-sized appetizers and cocktails for guests, such as cheese boards, decadent desserts and champagne.  A masquerade themed party will have the group feeling like royalty and make for great pictures. This theme is good option for fancier events that are held during the winter season.

2. James Bond

This next theme is sure to keep the night interesting, like the legendary Bond himself! Spice up the room with 007 balloons or banners and include a deck of cards at each table.

Include optional casino games such as baccarat, craps, and Texas hold’em. Dice and poker chips also make for fun theme decor, catching the eyes of guests as they visit the bar that serves martinis, shaken, not stirred. Lastly, dress code for this theme could incorporate red, white, and black attire, confusing guests over who is who!

3. Carnival

Bring out everyone’s inner child by creating the atmosphere of a carnival. Unveil  the red and white tents, and string up the lights, this crowd pleaser can also be done right on a strict budget.

Carnival themed parties make the food and beverage department easy. Set up tables and decorated food stands with popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs, hamburgers, snow cones, and soft pretzels. An easy game idea: include your own version of “Wheel of Fortune,” be sure to include some prizes!

This corporate event party option is best for daytime events and requires no dress code.

4. Wild West

Break out the flannels and cowboy boots and take your team to the wild, wild west!

Next on our list of corporate party themes is American classic that is easy for guests and event planners to prepare for!

Wild West theme ideas include: bandana themed plates, boot leg mugs, fake tumbleweeds, cardboard jail cell photo props and a country music playlist on repeat.

Fun western games include: old west slang trivia or learning a country line dance with your co-workers! Guests will get a kick out this event, no matter how silly it may seem! Menu items to consider at this event include: steak sliders, fried chicken, corn on the cob and apple pie.

5. Ugly Sweater

Hosting an event during the holiday season? Throw some ugly sweaters into the mix. This event is fun, entertaining and makes dress code simple because, the uglier the better!

Include holiday decor such as ornaments, menorahs, lights, a Christmas tree and stockings. Incorporate activities by organizing a pollyanna gift exchange! Catering is a great option for holiday parties, however an ugly sweater and holiday corporate event could be a great opportunity for a potluck. Invite each coworker to create and contribute their favorite holiday dish.

6. Salsa Night

Last but certainly not least on our list of corporate party themes is, Salsa Night!

Prepare for an evening of dancing and fabulous eats. Menu options include catering from crowd pleasers – Chipotle or Qdoba, along with chips, salsa and guac for hors d’oeuvres. To incorporate an activity include a build-your-own taco or burrito bar.

For something sweet at the end, provide churros with chocolate dipping sauces! Women can come dressed in their fiercest dresses and skirts, while men can wear their best button downs and dress pants. Be sure to create a salsa playlist or hire a band for this dance party.

Additional corporate party themes include:

  • Beach Paradise
  • Super Bowl
  • Mardi Gras
  • 80’s Night
  • Through the Decades
  • Crazy Hats
  • Roaring Twenties

To learn more about menu items for corporate party themes, read Easy and Creative, Work Potluck Ideas and Catered Lunch Ideas for the Office.