Business Travel Tips


Traveling for leisure is fun and enjoyable. On the flip-side, the same can’t be said about traveling for business. While you’d certainly rather be jet setting off to a beach vacation, they are ways to make traveling for business less dreadful and more bearable. To do so, follow OFFSITE’s business travel tips.

Business Travel Tips

Business Travel Tips


Get the Itinerary Beforehand

Ask either your boss, supervisor, or the person responsible for planning the business event if you can have a copy of the trip’s itinerary. This can be helpful to have for a multitude of reasons. First, knowing what you will be doing during your business trip can help you determine what to pack. Packing smartly and efficiently will allow you to not have to lug around a larger bag than necessary. Additionally, getting the itinerary beforehand can take the guessing game aspect out of the trip and relieve part of any travel anxiety.


Research The Destination

Since you are traveling to a different city, you might as well take advantage of the comped travel and go explore your new surroundings. If you get the itinerary before the trip, you can foresee any downtime and possibilities to venture out into the city. Research the meeting destination for things to do and places to see. Sites like Tripadvisor have great guides to visiting most cities. Pick 1 to 2 activities that you definitely want to do and make it a priority of your trip. You can either do this exploring by yourself or invite a coworker you’re friendly with for a cool out-of-office bonding experience.


Bring Pieces of Home

Part of why traveling for business can be not enjoyable is because it disrupts your daily life. To combat this, it is important to try to hold on to some semblance of your normal routine. You can do so by bringing pieces of home with you on your trip. Bring your personal computer, iPad, book, or magazine to entertain yourself as you normally would when you are in the hotel at night. In addition, set aside some time each day or night to touch base with your loved ones and family. Technology treats such as FaceTime can make it feel like your favorite people are right there with you, instead of a plane ride away.


While it’s not always ideal to travel for business, these business travel tips can make the experience better, and maybe even enjoyable.