Best Lunches for Work


While it can be tempting to both your cravings and your inner laziness, buying lunch at work every day is not easy on the wallet. Though it is perfectly understandable to buy lunch a few days a week, an easy money-saving option is to pack your lunch from home. Not sure what to bring? Get some ideas from OFFSITE’s list of the best lunches for work.


Best Lunches for Work


Best Lunches for Work


Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is a great lunch to bring to work because it can be made in a big batch and stays fresh for a few days. This means, the few hours you spend making it one day can pay off with 3-4 lunches. Additionally, it is super easy to make a delicious batch. Simply mix your favorite cooled, cooked pasta with your preferred chopped vegetables, cheeses, and proteins like chicken, tuna, or chickpeas and add in your choice of dressing/marinade to bring it all together. One of the pros of making multiple servings at once? This dish tastes better after it’s had time to sit!


Caprese Sandwich 

Another little-fuss, big-reward lunch idea is a caprese sandwich. While there are various takes on caprese, the base of the recipe is fresh sliced mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. The dish is traditionally served on a french baguette, but you can swap that out for your favorite bread or bread-alternative. To put your own spin on it, spread one side of the bread with pesto instead of basil leaves and add roasted red peppers instead of or in addition to the tomato slices. A word to the wise for bringing this to work: keep the tomatoes and/or roasted red peppers in a small, separate container and put them on right before you eat to avoid sogginess.



Like pasta salad, chili can be made in a big batch and used for many days to come. Taking a few hours out of your Sunday to prepare this user-friendly yet delicious meal can pay off big time. This is especially because chili can be frozen and saved for long periods of time. Therefore, you don’t have to eat it for 7 days in a row and get sick of it to avoid it going bad. Need a recipe? Try this classic one or this vegetarian version.


If you’re tired of spending money everyday on lunch, pack some of our best lunches for work for an affordable and home-cooked meal!