Best Event Themes


There are many times in life that call for a theme – a birthday party, a meeting, a corporate event, a school function…the list goes on. However, it’s not always easy to come up with a theme that is easy to work with, is not overused, is well-liked, and is appropriate. In fact, many themes that were popular in the past are centered around cultural appropriation, which is highly offensive. If you’re planning an event and need a cool concept, check out some of OFFSITE’s best event themes.



Best Event Themes



The theme of superheroes is fun, unique, and non-offensive. In today’s entertainment environment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC movies with ever-growing popularity, basically everyone has a favorite superhero. Allow your event-goers to dive into the world of fantasy with a superhero theme. This can be either one character, a specific group (i.e. The Avengers), or the genre in general. If this event involves costumes, this theme is especially fun and intriguing. Who wouldn’t want to be able to dress up as their favorite superhero for the day?



Stuck on what to base your party around in the present? Simply go back in time! Though it would be cool to put your guests in the Delorean, you can transport them back in time with a decade theme. Want bright, neon decor? Go for an 80’s theme and have guests dress in their best 80’s attire. More into flowers, peace, and fringe? Have a happy hippie 70’s themed event! If you don’t want to decide on just one decade, have your event take your guests through time with different stations featuring different decade themes. Another cool way to execute a decades theme is to serve food and use decor that was popular in the chosen decade.



Another non-offensive event theme that gives you a lot to work with is seasons. You can center your party around the idea of a Winter Wonderland or a Summer Solstice. Or maybe, you want to create a hayride-and-pumpkin-picking-in-the-fall vibe or a celebration of spring’s blooms. Whichever season you prefer, this theme is easy to run with and has opportunity for many creative ideas. Whether it’s having “snow” on all of your desserts (in the form of powdered sugar) or having your guests create their own spring-inspired flower crowns, the possibilities of a seasons theme are vast and interesting.


Having a themed event can make the entire guest experience much more fun and unique. Don’t avoid a theme because you can’t think of a good one. Instead, follow OFFSITE’s suggestions for the best event themes for inspiration.