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Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

It can be tempting to do nothing but eat, drink, and watch football on Thanksgiving. Though there is nothing wrong with that, it is also nice to acknowledge what the holiday is about: giving thanks. However, it is hard to find a tangible way to do so. Instead of simply not acknowledging your gratitude because …Read More


Best Thanksgiving Episodes

Thanksgiving is a time for being with family, relaxing, being grateful, and…watching amazing television. While TV isn’t usually people’s first thoughts when it comes to Thanksgiving, this holiday has inspired some of the best sitcom episodes in history. For some reason, the entertainment content created around Turkey Day is some of the funniest and well-renowned. …Read More


Friendsgiving Menu Ideas

While Thanksgiving is typically thought of as an occasion to spend time with your family, in the past decade a new phenomenon has taken over the season. “Friendsgiving” aka having a Thanksgiving dinner (which is 99% of the time not on the actual holiday) with your core group of friends. This is a way to …Read More


Office Thanksgiving Ideas

Though Thanksgiving is meant to be celebrated with family and those close to you, there is no rule that says you can’t get into the Thanksgiving spirit in the workplace. While you don’t have to invite all of your coworkers to your family dinner on the holiday, you can acknowledge the spirit of Thanksgiving in …Read More


Group Office Halloween Costumes

Halloween at work can be tricky. Are you going to show up in a bunny costume and be the only one dressed up? Or, will you decide against a costume this year only to find the whole office dressed up and be labeled as boring? To avoid either of these less-than-ideal situations, you can coordinate …Read More