10 Quick Tips About Renting An Event Space


Check out our tips on finding and renting the BEST event space!


1. As companies make an effort to solidify a corporate culture, make sure that culture matches the venue culture. A giant international corporation is going to want to occupy a different space than a small start-up operation. So know your audience!

2. Make sure the WiFi is strong! BHI reports that access to highly effective WiFi is the #1 issue faced at meetings and conferences. It’s also important to figure out what other tech will or won’t be available — projectors, TVs, and even outlets are all important factors to check on.


Make sure that the tech offered by the venue is up-to-date and can fulfill the needs of your event!


3. Check on food flexibility: if you want to provide vegetarian or gluten-free or even just health-conscious food and beverage options, make sure that the event space can provide this. Alternatively, see if the event space allows for outside catering.

4. Check on room flexibility: the best event spaces will be able to transform depending on the event needs. What may be a conference room in the morning can become a creative brainstorming space at the right venue.

OFFSITE conference room

A conference room is flanked by white-board walls, fostering discussion and innovate brainstorming!


5. Go green:  CDC Green Meetings Guidelines suggests serving water from pitchers instead of using bottles and choosing an event space that is close to public transportation.

6. Staffing: make sure there is enough support at the venue for the size or scope of your event. Do you need security, a concierge, aid from an in-house event planner?

7. Is teambuilding an option? Many event spaces offer activities that are tons of fun and also strengthen the relationships in a team; if you want this to be a part of the event, make sure to check out what the spaces offers.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 4.05.30 PM

Having a space that accommodates team building can be a big plus!


8. Know the limits of the space: closing times, noise ordinances, design limitations, parking, size…identifying the limiting factors before the event is important to ensure a smooth take-off.

9. Make a deal: when discussing pricing with venue reps, let them know you are looking at other venues. If other places have offered you deals or discounts, tell the other reps! It may motivate them to give you a comparable or better deal in order to secure your business.

10. So, after all this searching and crossing off the check-list, you’ve found the perfect venue. Even still, make sure you understand the cancellation policy of the event space! You never know what might come up before an event, so you want to ensure the cancellation policy is one that you can comfortably work with.


And – of course – OFFSITE is the best place to meet each of these 10 needs! We cater to every need, which is why you should book with us!