Ten, Simple Gift Ideas For Coworkers!


Whether a birthday, holiday, or special event is taking place, thinking of the right gift ideas for coworkers can be a difficult and stressful task. Below you will find ten creative and thoughtful gift ideas for coworkers that are sure to be appreciated, while also not breaking the bank.

gift ideas for coworkers

Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Daily Tear-Off Calendar

A daily tear-off calendar, based on a subject that interests your coworker, is a great gift idea. If you know their favorite TV show, you could find a calendar with daily quotes from the show. If they’re a sports fan, find them a calendar with daily sports trivia or facts. There’s something for everybody!

Box of Chocolates

Not many can resist a box of chocolates, especially during the workday. Mix up your tasty gift by including a variety of different flavors that you know the person will enjoy. This is a simple and common gift for coworkers, or anyone really, for a special occasion.


Is your coworker always bringing in home-cooked meals for lunch? They most likely enjoy cooking. If that is the case, a cookbook or recipe book may be the perfect gift for them. Explore cookbooks that come as a series or set of books.

Brain Teasers

Another fun gift idea for coworkers is a brain teaser for their desk or office. Examples of brain teasers include Rubik’s cubes and small, easy to transport puzzles. Whenever your coworker is on a coffee break or has a few minutes to spare, a brain teaser could be just what they need.

Post-it Note Dispenser

There are many creative and funny Post-it Note dispensers or holders that it may be difficult to pick just one to give to your coworker. If the person likes to keep their desk organized, this will certainly be a gift that they enjoy.

Creative Coffee Mug

Customize a coffee mug with a funny quote or phrase. Another option is a coffee mug that is designed as something else (other than a standard mug). There are plenty of creative ceramic coffee mugs that would make a great gift for a coworker and really speak to their personality.

Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books have been the new trend lately. Often described as a form of meditation, coloring can actually relieve stress and feel very therapeutic. This gift idea for your coworker will be useful when they need to take their mind off work for a few minutes.


A candle is another simple gift. Depending on your office policy, candles might not be the right idea for an open-plan space, but if your coworker has their own private office, they could use it there. Otherwise, they can take it home. The holidays are a great time receive candles.

Desktop Sculpture

If your coworker has a personalized and decorated desk, cubicle, or office, a desktop sculpture is another creative piece that will fit in with their design and style. They will likely appreciate that you’ve noticed they enjoy a festive workstation.

Personalized Bobblehead

This gift idea for coworkers is a unique one. Bobbleheads are usually reserved for athletes or celebrities. Make your coworker feel like they are an important figure at your company by giving them their own personalized bobblehead!

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