Conference Technologies Every Event Needs


Corporate events and conferences vary in purpose, theme, cost and time length. However, there is one commonality that all corporate events seem to share: the use of technology.

In today’s workplace, corporate functions call for numerous laptop presentations, video projectors, TV screens, and audio or visual devices.

Below, you will find a list of popular conference technologies that add professionalism and sophistication to any event. The featured technology, and more, can all be found at OFFSITE. At OFFSITE, clients and guests will experience a uniquely integrated technology experience.

So, for those of you who are looking for event technology ideas, here are some suggestions, and for those of you who are looking for a technology equipped event space, here are just a few more reasons to choose OFFSITE.


Conference Technologies


High quality TV screens are very important for corporate events. With a large audience usually present, it can be challenging to ensure that all audience members are able to see and comprehend what is being displayed. Depending on your audience size, different screen sizes are an important factor to consider.




iMac desktops with Wireless Clickers

Mac computers are the staple when it comes to operation preferences. Additionally, wireless clickers help presenters further interact with an audience and keep their attention by avoiding the need to stay close to the monitor.

Live Camera Feed

For larger events, it can be difficult for guests to attend every event during the conference. Live camera feeds, which can be viewed in multiple areas at OFFSITE, solve that problem by allowing guests to focus on their meeting, while getting a quick glimpse at what’s going on upstairs.

Modular Conference Tables

It’s not just how you use technology, but how you present it. Whether you form a circle around the presentation screen or set up organized rows for a teaching interaction, modular tables are a must, not to mention a great solution for last minute layout changes.





Phone System and Video Conferencing Capabilities

For meetings that bring two long distance groups together, high tech phone systems and video conference capabilities are necessary. Avoid troubleshooting and utilize the proper glitch-free equipment to save time and hassle.

Wireless Microphones

What good is a presentation without the freedom to roam around? Wireless mics are one of the most important behind the scenes keys to giving a presentation. Say goodbye to tripping over the microphone cord time and time again.

Looking to include social media in your technology? Here’s some tips on how to do it, Social Media for Events.