Business Travel Tips

Traveling for leisure is fun and enjoyable. On the flip-side, the same can’t be said about traveling for business. While you’d certainly rather be jet setting off to a beach vacation, they are ways to make traveling for business less dreadful and more bearable. To do so, follow OFFSITE’s business travel tips. Business Travel Tips …Read More


Office Birthday Ideas

People look forward to their birthdays all year for just one day. However, it can be hard to look forward to said birthday when you know you are going to be spending it in your office. While you don’t need to have an all-out extravaganza for each coworker’s birthday, it is nice to help make …Read More


Fun Meeting Ideas

While they are necessary, a lot of professionals dread meetings. Meetings can take up valuable time that could have been spent doing other work and knocking things off of people’s to-do lists. In the workplace, you should try to avoid having your colleagues roll their eyes at a meeting that could have been an email. …Read More


Getting Better Sleep

There is a reason caffeine is the most abundant “drug” in America and why snooze buttons exist. Many people do not get an appropriate amount of sleep each night. This can be attributed to different factors such as work/life balance, anxiety, poor sleeping conditions, or an inconsistent schedule. While most people can function on less …Read More


Asking for a Raise

In an ideal world, your boss would review your salary every few months and discuss the possibility of a raise. However in reality, many supervisors either never review or discuss your salary with you or do so sporadically, with long periods of time in between. If you feel like you’re making less money than you …Read More