Office Happy Hour Ideas

Getting the office together at the end of a long week is an excellent way to bond with coworkers and build a happier atmosphere in the workplace. Here are some office happy hour ideas that everyone can look forward to.     Provide a variety of drinks Encouraging employees to stay in the office after …Read More


Writer’s Block Help For Work

If your job requires a lot of writing, you may find yourself in a creative rut. Writing is an art, whether you’re writing a story, report, press release, or blog. It requires a lot of thought, discipline, and creativity. Here are some ways to help cure your writer’s block for work. Writer’s Block Help for …Read More


Managing Stress At Work

Even if you love what you do, there are many times one’s job can get overwhelming with deadlines and new challenges. Managing stress at work is no easy task, but it can be done when implementing the following steps.       Prioritize Your Tasks Nothing is more stressful than having multiple deadlines approaching but …Read More


Good Work Habits

In order to climb the corporate ladder, you need to remember that your day-to-day routine directly impacts your progress. Here is a list of good work habits to develop to ensure that you are constantly improving as an employee, making yourself an asset to the company, and becoming more marketable for future jobs.     …Read More