Office Breakfast Party Ideas

While breakfast is the most important meal of the day, many people only have their morning coffee and maybe a quick snack when they first arrive at the office. Change up the ordinary routine by hosting a breakfast party for employees to socialize and mentally prepare for the start of their day. These office breakfast …Read More


Five Creative Ideas for Conference Activities

Event guests and conference attendees are looking for more than just typical rotational speakers and presentations when they attend professional conferences. They look forward to a complete experience that is filled with engaging activities as well as learning. That being said, creating a positive environment to host your conference activities will be the factor that …Read More


Questions to Ask a Guest Speaker

Corporate events, networking events, and even everyday corporate meetings often call for guest speakers. Listening to and observing a knowledgeable professional is always bound to leave attendees with new information and opinions to reflect on. Featuring a guest speaker at a corporate meeting or event is one of the best ways to generate conversation, networking, and Q&A …Read More