Preparing a Meeting Request Email

Meetings are an essential part of any organization. Whether departmental or cross-company, meetings ensure that all team members are aware of project progress and upcoming goals. Follow the steps below for creating a clear and concise meeting request email.   1. Inquire about availability: The first step to creating a meeting request email is to …Read More


Leadership Training Activities

One of the best qualities to search for in colleagues is their leadership ability. All employees, regardless of their position, should be able to lead their respective teams to success in whatever project is at hand. Encourage growth in this area by engaging coworkers in the following leadership training activities.   Start With a Quote …Read More


Event Reminder Email: What to Include

Planning a corporate event requires much preparation and organization. Even events with the most timely and informative invitations have guests that forget to RSVP. So, as the number of attendees is a crucial factor to any event, it is important to be proactive about event invites and reminders. Below you will find appropriate ways to …Read More


Corporate Volunteering Ideas

Today, the workplace can mean so much more than just work. The workplace ties in friends, family, and social responsibility. One important aspect of any business is its involvement in charitable causes, whether they be on a local, national, or global scale. The best way for a company to show its dedication to the community is …Read More