Event Planning Skills: Do you have what it takes?

Planning an event, whether large or small, can feel like a monumental task. However, if you have the necessary event planning skills and information, it’s a rewarding endeavor.  When beginning the event planning process, you’ll want to be sure on the type of event you’re planning. Generally special events occur for the following purposes: Education (conferences, …Read More


Team Building Quotes to Inspire your Department!

A positive workplace is a productive workplace. Recent studies show that what really defines a positive workplace is when employees feel cared for, feel heard by superiors, and are inspired by their colleagues. These positive attributes are established when the leadership in a company sets a good example and helps to shape an optimistic company …Read More


Appropriate Corporate Gifts for Coworkers!

The holiday season is only a few short months away, and for some of us planners, the holiday shopping season has already begun! Now, as you scroll through your holiday shopping list, gift ideas for distant relatives, immediate family members, and close friends all come to mind pretty easily right? Then you get to your coworkers …Read More