Planning a Meeting for Success!

Meetings are an integral part of any workplace. When everyone seems pressed for time and has countless commitments, meetings encourage colleagues to devote their attention to one project in order to increase productivity later. There is, however, an art to planning a meeting. Here we outline some of the key aspects of holding a successful meeting. Where and …Read More


Introduction Questions and Networking Advice

So, you have arrived at yet another corporate event. You’re excited to be out and about, but your networking skills could use a little tuning up. If this sounds like you, don’t panic. When it comes to networking and interacting with current coworkers or even strangers, preparing some introductory questions will project confidence and ease nerves.  Depending …Read More


Dress Code Business Casual – Fall Attire

At one time or another, we have all debated whether or not the outfit we have selected effectively meets the “business casual” dress code standard. Let’s step back for a minute here. Could it be that “business casual” really means exactly what it sounds like? Yes! Think about it, you are going to a business …Read More


What to Address In a Guest Speaker Speech

Giving a guest speech can be a blessing and a curse. Of course it is an honor to be requested and recognized at the event. However, guest speeches require preparation and practice. Follow these guest speaker speech tips to ease your nerves!   1. Introduce Yourself The introduction is the first component and sets the tone for the entire presentation. When introducing yourself, be yourself! …Read More