Corporate Party Themes

Corporate parties celebrate the successes, people and culture at a company. One way to excite employees is to consider corporate party themes. These themes should have a sense of generality- so every employee will have an interest in the event. Whether determined by a few internal team members or put to a vote, choosing a theme …Read More


Corporate Event Invitation: Details to Include

When it comes to creating a corporate event invitation, there are a range of details that should always be included. Guests need to know where to be and when, but that’s just the beginning. Before we get down to the nitty gritty and explain how to create more informative invitations, we thought we would start with the basics. …Read More


OFFSITE Superlatives

Happy birthday to us! Four years ago, we opened OFFSITE NYC, determined to raise the bar for corporate meetings and events.  On our birthday, we’re looking back on some of the most memorable experiences we’ve hosted in New York and Chicago, from conferences to community-building.   Most Memorable Conference: TaskUs CX Summit The TaskUs CX …Read More


Business Casual for Women, Do’s and Don’ts

With the changing dynamic of the workplace, dress code has begun to shift from a more traditional business attire, such as suits and ties, to “business casual.” So, what exactly is considered business casual for women? Below you will find a series of example outfits, along with a list of some professional attire “do’s and …Read More


Incorporating Event Technology

As technology continues to advance, as does the way technology is constructed into corporate events. Event technology is a growing and innovative way to engage members of an event and to keep their attention at larger and longer events, for example, a conference. Below you will find a list of five different ways that hosts …Read More